How long have you been natural? My last perm was September 28, 2009 and that is when I decided I wasn’t going to get a perm anymore.  So my journey began then!!!

Why did you go natural?  I decided to go natural because I was ready to change up my hair and was really tired of spending so much money on perming my hair.  My intentions were to keep getting it straightened with the flat-iron but not having a perm.

What made you decide to wear your natural curls, kinks or coils instead of straightening your hair?  I was going on a trip and looking for a great curly weave because I knew I was going to get in the water.   As I was doing my research, I came across A LOT of natural hair forums, information and ladies on YouTube.  I was constantly finding more people talking about it and loved their hair and that is when I said, I’m going to rock the fro!

How did your family & friends react to you going natural?  Well, most didn’t say too much.  I did get some *blank stares*, some loved it from the beginning, and one person told me my hair was too “NAPPY” to go natural and then switched it up to “THICK”.

What are your favorite hair products?  

Currently my favorite products are:                                                                         Shampoos: Eden BodyWorks Tea Tree, Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curling    Control Shampoo, Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Shampoo(Aloe Vera & Avocado)

Conditioners:  Rinse Out ~ Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner(Aloe Vera & Avocado, Eden Body Works Tea Tree, Herbal Essences Hello Hydration                 Leave In ~ Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia, Eden Body Works Hair Milk, Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk                                                                                                            DC ~ Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose Conditioner, Eden Body Works Deep Conditioner (both products I add honey & Olive Oil)  I also do a DIY Avocado/Coconut Deep Treatment Mask                                                                                                               

Butters/Creams ~ DIY Shea Butter Mix, Karen’s Body Beautiful Butter Love, Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Twisting Butter

Oils ~ Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil

What is your hair type? I don’t do hair typing but if I was to, I would say I have a mixture of 4a(crown)/4b(front/sides)/4c,d,e,f & g(nape of neck/edges)…lol

How do you keep your hair moisturized? Water is my best friend!!!  I make sure every 2-3 days(that’s if my product didn’t hold up well) that I spray with water and use some type of leave-in or butter/cream, and oil to seal the moisture in.

How long did you transition? I transitioned for 1 year.  The reason for that, when I started my journey, all I wanted to do was flat-iron my hair.

What is your favorite style you like to do?  My favorite style is letting it go, in a fro!!! Or the updo with a bang!

Can I use images/content from your site? Yes, please do…just make sure to link back to www.knottinikki.com.

What made you get into photography and how long?  I got my camera as a gift to myself, November 2011, for purposes of filming and getting shots for my natural hair.  Just wanted to invest in a good camera.  From there, I started playing around and shooting other subjects & people and saw how amazingly beautiful the world looks through the lens.  Also, I had a few people tell me I had a good eye and was really encouraging me into doing more.  I got a lot of helpful tips from others that are more advanced in photography and I’ve been going strong from there.

What Camera & Editing Software do you use?  I shoot with a Canon T3i & the editing software I use for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom(I’m in the process of learning Photoshop CS6). I use Final Cut Pro for video editing.


3 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Hello there!

    I absotulely LOVE your style and how you embrace your beauty!
    I came across beautiful pictures of you on tumblr and saw that you have a colored tattoo (or more?). I have dark skin(same as you) and really wanted a colored tattoo. But because I never found good information/examples of dark people with colored tattoos I decided to forget about the idea….until I saw you! What’s your story behind getting a colored tattoo? Can you give me some tips on getting a colored tattoo? It would mean a lot to me if you could!



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