Who is KnottiNikki

So you want to know who I am….

Well, “I’m just a small town girl…living in a lonely world”…lol

My Name is Nikki(like you didn’t know that already) and I’m originally from Jackson, MS.  In my (you have to guess) some odd years, I have lived in several different states.  Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, Missouri & Louisiana, so we have been quite the travelers! This should tell you that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to travel.  I am currently residing in the Atlanta area with my daughter, Akina and dog, Oreo!!! We are one great big happy family!! :)  I have a passion for healing people with just a simple touch, and what I mean by that, I am a Licensed & Professional Massage Therapist.  I have always had a passion to help others and make sure that they are taken care of before I am.  Then tend to myself afterwards ;).  To know that I can actually put my hands on someone and they can come out feeling relaxed is a gift that I thank God for, everyday.

This blog was created to track my Natural Hair Journey and to let people know how I created a style or got my hair to look a certain way.  So what better way to show them, here online!!!  As time has gone by, I never thought I would have the following as I do and really want to show more.  So here you will find information on Natural Hair, Beauty, Skincare, Fashion, Photography, Fun & So Much More.

Take a journey into my life and the loved ones around me.  It’s a variety of many things that I would love to share with you all.  I want to make this blog welcoming to you all. Plus I want you to interact with me as well, to let me know what you would like to see here!!!

Everything I do, I make it into a hobby and have fun with it!!! “I make it me, I make it unique, I love myself naturally!!!!” ~Nik

16 thoughts on “Who is KnottiNikki

  1. Thanks so much! You’ve inspired me! I saw your pictures on tumblr of your hair recently and was amazed. so now i want to do the same. do the BC once more and go back to being natural!!! Good luck and have fun!

    Question, my hair is now permed, what’s the best way to transition from permed to natural hair?

    • Thank you & truly appreciate the love. I transitioned for 1 year and within that transitioning, I did sew-ins for the most part and tried to do a transition style(which was a major fail). It is up to you how you want to transition and how long you want to do it. My daughter has been transitioning for almost 2 years. We will be doing the BC in May. The only reason I did it for so long is because her hair is a softer texture than mine and she has a lot of length. Click on transition styles to see the different styles I did. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

  2. I came across your blog thanks to your interview on BGLH.com. Although I just came across your blog today you have already gained a loyal reader not only because you are natural but because you are what I aspire to be, a massage therapist :)

  3. just found your site/blog and I love it. Keep you the pretty pics of you, your daughter, and the natural cause I love it. Thank You

  4. i love your blog and the most recent one about your daughter made me smile! i am natural myself and i love it! i have my days where i struggle with it and wanna give up but …couldnt have made a better choice! i feel like i ll never see growth though. cant wait to have a mane like yours (hopefully)! keep the postings coming, love them:o)

    • I am glad that you are enjoying it!! Don’t be discouraged, because your hair will do what you want it to do once you take the time to figure out what it likes and what your goals are for healthy hair. I try to keep my mind focused on the health of my hair more so than the length of my hair!!!! Best wishes xoxo

  5. You have truly inspired me to go. Like I am in tears because I am truly inspired…I have been wanting to go natural for years and after researching, reading your blog, and looking at all of your pictures I finally have enough confidence to do it. I’m not going to transition for too long I cut my hair short…I always fluctuate between letting my hair grow past my shoulders and then cutting it into a cute short style and then starting the growing/relaxing process all over again. So now my hair is short…I have decided to braid it for about 6 weeks until my newgrowth grows to about 2 inches and I am going to cut the relaxer out my hair. Hopefully I can start a blog and inspire others as you have inspired me. I will keep you posted *Scouts Honor* :)

    • Thank you and so excited for you!!!! I wish the best for you and please let me know once you do your BIG CHOP!!!!!

  6. Good morning,
    Someone on my FB page said that you do natural hair in the Atlanta and I was looking for someone to do Havnna Twists. Would that be you?

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