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Protective Styling: Fall/Winter 2012 Yarn Wraps

So those of you that have been following me on Instagram & Twitter already know what’s going on!!!  It is getting cooler and now it is time to give my hair a break….

For a week now, I have had Yarn Wraps.  You may ask what are yarn wraps, well they are the same as Yarn Braids, but you are just wrapping more yarn around the braided part.  So since it is Fall and I like to really leave my hair alone as much as I can during the cooler months, I decided to try these.

How did you come across Yarn Wraps?

                                               (Photo Credit – Instagram)

                                                                                                                                                  I actually saw someone post up this picture on Instagram(can’t remember who) and noticed that the yarn was wrapped instead of braided.   I was amazed because you couldn’t see any of her hair in these.  So I went to extreme measures of researching this online.  I was googling wrapping yarn around hair, Yarn Braids: different techniques, etc.  I was really determined to do these and wasn’t going to do them until I found someone who showed a tutorial about them…lol

So googling I ran across these videos on YouTube:                                                          How to Do Fake Dreadlocks using Yarn                                                                                  Yarn Wraps Tutorial Request                                                                                                    And there were plenty more but these were the ones that stood out the most…

The second video shows them thinner than the ones that I did.  I liked the thicker ones and next time I will probably do them a little thicker.

So this is the outcome of my hair and I love them even after 22 hours of doing these!!!  I am so thankful to Carlyne for helping me because with her help, I was able to finish in 3 days!!!

They are much thicker than the Yarn Braids I did last year…

Yarn Used: Red Heart 100% Acrylic Yarn(ONLY)
It can be purchased from Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, etc.

Does the yarn dry your hair out?
It did not dry my hair out the last time I did it. Before I installed them, I made sure to moisturize my hair. Also, during the duration of having them, I maintained to keep them moisturized every other day and made sure I used a light oil(coconut, jojoba with peppermint and tea tree oil mixed in) I also mix that in a spray bottle as well without the oils.

Can you wash your hair with the yarn in it?
Yes you can. Make sure to focus on your scalp than the actual strands. On your strands, while the shampoo is still on the scalp, you can just squeeze the strands to allow the shampoo to get in between the yarn. Rinse hair while doing it. Make sure to get all the excess water out.

Are they heavy?
Of course, when you first install them, they feel different and may be a little heavy, but I adjusted to them later on that evening, once finished. The next day couldn’t tell a difference. When you wash them, yes, they will be extremely heavy because they are wet.

How long did it take to install them?
It took me 3 days to do them a total of 22 hours with the help of someone else. It may have taken me much longer if I didn’t have any help. The yarn braids I did last year took me a week and it was a total of I think 19 hours.

How long do you plan on keeping them in?
I am trying to keep them in for 8 weeks. Hopefully I won’t get too tired of them and take them out earlier.

Will you install them again after taking them out?
I am considering letting this be my Fall/Winter look

Do you know how many braids you did?
77(yes I counted because I was asked the question…lol)

How long were your yarn strands cut?
I measured it by my arm span, so it was about my height. I am 5’7 so that is about 67″. That was for both the strands braided in hair and wrapped around.

How many strands of yarn did you use?
It was a total of 7 strands for each section. 5 strands to braid in hair and 2 strands to wrap around.

Please feel free to ask anymore questions and click here to see my tutorial on how I did my yarn wraps!!!

xoxo ~Nik

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22 thoughts on “Protective Styling: Fall/Winter 2012 Yarn Wraps

    • Yes, they are pretty easy to style even though they are thicker than the Yarn braids I did last year. I have videos that show a couple different styles.

  1. Your hair is gorg! I have been researching and trying to find someone to do my yarn braids for about 6 months now. These yarn wraps are even better. It’s so hard to find a good natural stylist on the west coast. I think they look great and I wish I had the patience and know how to do them myself. Great informative post.

  2. Hey, your yarn wrap looks great! I just installed mines in yesterday and they are really stiff and tight is there a way to loosen it up?

    • Thank you!!! All I do is spray water on them and they tend to loosen up. Usually it takes a couple days to a week. Let me know if it works for you.

  3. I loved your wrapped yard dreads. Are you interested in doing mines. Just let me know how much you charge asap please

  4. Cute! I’m GranolaHeads2010 on YouTube…the chic with the thinner yarn wraps. I like how they look thicker. I might try this when it gets cooler outside. Thanks!

  5. Where are you located?? I recently bc’d but I have about 1 1/2 inches of hair stretched.. Is this too short for administer decent yarn wraps??

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