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Curlformers Revisit: To Buy or Not to Buy….

*Photo Taken from Google Images*

Hello Natural Beauties!!!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to do another tutorial with the Curlformers.  This time, I did it on dry hair.  This is the second time I did it on dry hair and really enjoyed the results.  Although I am still trying to perfect the look, I really think they are worth it.

I am one of those people who are totally illiterate when it comes to rolling natural hair on FlexiRods or Rollers…PERIOD!!! For some odd reason, I can never get the technique down.  So I just end up twisting and then put the Rods in my hair.  LOL   With the Curlformers, I don’t have to worry about all that, I just use the wand and pull it through the product and WALLAH…MAGIC** I have the perfect spiral curl for my hair.  Now don’t get me wrong, when I first used them, it wasn’t that simple.  Luckily for other YouTube tutorials, I was able to get an understanding of how to use them.

*Photo Taken from Google Images*

I purchased my Curlformers from Sally’s Beauty Supply almost one year ago, which they retailed for $60(Salon Kit which gives you 40 Long & Wide/6 Short & Wide and 1 Styling Hook). I have the Sally’s Beauty Club Card, so at the time of purchase, I had an extra discount plus the discount they give you for being a Reward Member.  I applied it and came out paying around $50 for them.  Now they retail at $69.99 and with the Beauty Club Card it is $63.99.  Also, you can purchase them from the actual Curlformers website:, which are priced at $58.95.  On both sites, they do have starter packs that you can get but you have to purchase the Styling Hook separately.  I feel you are better off purchasing the kit, which I will be purchasing another one. We will need the Extra Long & Wide for Akina because her hair hangs out of the Short & Wide that we have now.  Also, I want to section my hair off in smaller parts so I don’t have to separate as much!!! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have the Long & Narrow to try also, so I can see how those would look on both of our hair.  That will be later on down the line!!!!

If anything, Curlformers are a great investment!  Once you get the hang of using them, (which takes no time) it is easy breezy!!!! My curls come out so perfect, NO LIE!!!!! This is my honest review on them and I will be purchasing another set!!!

Click the links to see my hair tutorials on Wet hair & Dry: on Natural Hair) Hair:Curlformers on Dry Hair)

Also, Check out the Pictures below after using the Curlformers:

1st Time on Dry Hair-Jan ’12


*2nd Day Hair* July 2012

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