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My BFF(Big Fluffy Fro) is Back…

My girl is back and she is putting some WORK in!!! Who, you might ask? My BFF(Big Fluffy Fro) and I have missed her sooooo much.   You all know that I had Urban Twists, from The Damn Salon, in for about two months, and I loved that look!!! But it was time to bring her back!!!!! After unleashing her about 2 weeks ago, I really didn’t notice that much of a change in my hair.  So I decided to look back at some pictures and that is when I noticed…  My BFF is working it out, y’all!!! :)  My main focus is not length when it comes to my hair, it is to have healthy hair, length is just an added bonus.  For all the time, care, patience & maintenance has paid off!!! I want to share a couple of pictures with you all in hopes to inspire someone to keep on with their natural journey.  It may seem rough or time-consuming at times but it is well worth it at the end(whenever that may be).  Don’t let anyone tell you natural hair is boring or you can’t have a professional job with it!!!! Natural hair is very versatile and there are plenty of unique and simple styles that you can do with it.  Trust me when I say, it adds a whole lot of SPUNK to your own personal style!!!! ;) Check out the photos below and see where I started to where I am now after my Urban Twists!!!!

PERMED DAYS *This is the length I started from when I decided to transition Sept’09*



September ’10
October ’10
December ’10

February ’11


May ’11

July ’11


December ’12


Top: Blowout February 2011
Bottom: Blowout February 2012
March 2012 No heat used/stretched from braid out
July 2012 No Heat/After using Curlformers
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5 thoughts on “My BFF(Big Fluffy Fro) is Back…

  1. I just love your hair ! Ive been thinkin about cuttin mine off. Dnt feel as if im seein progress. Anyway, keep rockin it. Love it=)

  2. Your hair is so gorgeous , I just did the big chop and often get discourage because I have very coarse hair, I am constantly looking for inspiration on you tube,and the web, but, no one seems to have my hair texture, I am what people would say to be a 4c, and I was wondering what your hair type is? I am new to your blog and I just want to say that you inspire me ! Keep doing what you do! Thanks

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