DIY PROJECT:Bleaching Denim


Friday evening I spent my night DIY’ing using Clorox Bleach. For some odd reason I spend my Friday nights DIY’ing..A LOT!!! Lol Most of you all know I Love Thrifting. So I’m always buying denim to try different things with them. This time, I knew I wanted to do an ombré look for my denim vest and was confused about the design for my jeans. I was googling some bleaching design ideas for my denim jeans and came across the tie-dying design. That was it!!! I was ready to get the process started!!!!

Tongues/Long Handle Spoon
Rubber Bands/Twine

*Wear old clothes just in case you make a spill*

Ombré Denim Vest:

*Sorry I didn’t take a before picture of the vest*

I purchased my Gap vest from Goodwill for $3. So I cut a little of the stitching around the collar, the sleeve, and bottom to give it a frayed look.

I then tried the vest on to see where did I want to start the first ombré effect. I marked it and tied a rubber band around that marking.

Then, I filled a bucket with half water/half Clorox and sat the shirt in it for about 45 mins.

Like a dummy, once finished I pored the mix out and forgot I had to do the other part of bleaching…lol

So I took the rubber band off and tied it a little higher. Then I placed the shirt back in bleach/water mix for another 15-20 mins.

Once finished, I rinsed the shirt in cold water and let it sit for about 10 mins before sticking it in the washer. Washed the vest on cold and let it hang dry. *MAKE SURE NOT TO PUT IT IN DRYER BECAUSE IT WILL MOST DEFINITELY MESS UP YOUR OMBRÉ LOOK*



This is when I dumped out the mix of the other bucket and had to throw it in the bucket with my jeans…lol




Tie-Dye Bleached Jeans:

I purchased my Old Navy Jeans from Goodwill also & paid $3 for them.

I used rubber bands to tie and scrunch the pants together. This may be a little tricky to describe but I will do my best. If you need a video please put in the comments below and I will do my best to get a video to you ASAP!

With the pants stretched out, I started at the bottom and scrunched upwards to the top of the jeans.

Doing one leg at a time, I scrunched a little bit up and tied with a couple rubber bands. Then I scrunched up once again, tied with more rubber bands.

I continued to do this process until I got to the top of the jeans. After that, I did the same process to the other leg.

Once finished, I gathered the jeans and scrunched it all into a ball and tied about 5-6 rubber bands around to hold in place.

I placed the ball in another bucket with half water/half Clorox mixed. *I didn’t fill the bucket up with the mix, just enough to cover half of the balled up jeans*

Let it sit for about 1 1/2 hours. I did use a spoon to turn it on different sides to make sure the mix did get all of it.

Once finished, took the rubber bands off, rinsed the jeans and let sit for 10 mins before washing. Washed in cold water and hung them to dry.









I am really happy with the end results!! I wanted to share this with you all. If you do any of these or you know of other ideas, please let me know and show pics!!!



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6 thoughts on “DIY PROJECT:Bleaching Denim

  1. I love it!!!!! I’m inspired Nikki. I’m going to try it and post my video. Thanks Babe!!!!! Peace and Blessings.

  2. I love that too! I did a pair like that back in high school (just the bottoms) and those were my favorite pair of jeans! Imma try the one with the string!

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