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On Sunday, March 25, 2012, WAS THE BIG CHOP DAY!!!!  My baby(which she’s really not a baby anymore) decided to go ahead and let go of the permed ends.  We previously decided that we were going to do this at the end of May because that would have made it two years of transitioning.  She wanted to go ahead and do it a couple of months early!!!! I was so excited because I have pressed the issue of her cutting it since November.

Akina started out Natural for 9 years.  When she was younger, I would wash her hair and put it in little pig tails and twist it up or press her hair.  Mainly, I did a lot of pressing!!! I decided to give her a perm a couple of months before she turned 10.  I got to a point to where her hair was just too long for me to deal with it.  Let me remind you all that I didn’t know half of the things I know now about natural hair at that time & I was trying to go the easy way out.

My daughter is now 14, she transitioned for 22 months, which was almost 2 years ago.  So at the age of 12 we decided to “MAKE THAT CHANGE” (in my Michael Jackson voice) and go back to the natural!  Akina wasn’t having it, she was at a point to where she was always crying and asking me why can’t she just have straight hair.  She really had me almost rethinking this journey for her.  Holding on strong and constantly explaining to her that her hair doesn’t make who she is and she will be the same beautiful girl with or without it.  I had to constantly put in her mind that she is beautiful and don’t let anyone else tell her any different.  If they do, well tell them to go fly a kite…lol  Within these 2 years, I have seen my daughter grow into a beautiful young lady, that loves herself for the way she is!!! Although she is still at the age that she is trying to figure out what’s going on… I can say we have come along way from the beginning stages that we were going through about natural hair.

At this point, Akina is enjoying her hair and have no complaints.  Like I told her, “now the journey really begins”.  We should be able to see her hair grow and probably be back to that length in no time.

Check out her Pictures below and Click Here to watch the video on youtube.

Age 4 *natural/pressed*

Age 10 *permed*

Last Perm May 2009

Transitioning-Her First time doing a braid out November 2011

transitioning Twist Out on Dry Hair

Before the cut

After the cut

1 Day after BC…Braid Out

3 days after Big Chop

5 days after BC

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5 thoughts on “AKINA’S BIG CHOP

  1. I love how brave she is!! I know if she can do it, especially at the age where children are so cruel. I can definitely do it. Tell her that she is my inspiration and that I LOVE IT!! :-)

  2. Awww! I love it! I’m sure she was super nervous to get all that hair chopped off. But it looks beautiful, as always. Keep up the good work Nikki + Akina!

  3. Awww I loved the video…you guys had me laughing…it’s the best thing ever to have a great mom who is taking great care of her daughter’s hair. I love the pics & she reminds me of one of my friends…keep up the great work & keep them videos coming. I really loved the video when you sang together lololol.

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