Back To The Fro….



So, It has been a month and a week since I’ve had my yarn braids.  I think it is time for me to say good-bye to them!!!! My Sad face is On I am sooooooo ready for my fro to come back.  Although, the yarn braids have been fun, I want to enjoy my curls, coils and kinks again while it is still warm here in GA.  I will be doing this protective style again, probably the middle of January until my birthday in February.  I am really considering hard on straightening my hair for my birthday. Anyway, we will worry about that when we cross that bridge.

So today and tomorrow will be days filled with playing in my hair….

Once taking the braids out, I will be pre-pooing, washing, hennaing(if that is even a word…lol), and deep conditioning!!!!! I am treating my fro right…she is about to be in pampering heaven!!!!  I know my head will probably feel a tad bit lighter…although they aren’t heavy, my hair isn’t this long so I know my neck and shoulders went into shock trying to figure out where did this extra weight come from.

I will be posting videos of different styles I created while wearing this protective style, so stay tuned……




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