*New Video* How To: Flat Twist on Dry Hair

Check out the video below on how I do my Flat Twists on Dry Hair.  I do not blow my hair out every time I do a twist out or braid out, but at times I do it because I want my hair to be stretched.  There are other ways that you can stretch your hair out without using heat but since we are in the cooler months, I don’t mind using the blow dryer because my hair will not revert back as fast.

Also check out the pictures below the video and you will see the different ways I wore my hair after the style.  I made sure every night to either re twist or braid it so that I can keep it in its stretched state.


Day 1 Hair


Pics above are from Day 1 of the Style.  It was raining so my hair shrunk tremendously.



Picture above is from Day 5, I decided to put hair in a bun.  Once I got home that night, I took it down and braided my hair and twisted on the ends.  Which the results are in the lower picture.

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