Akina’s Wash Day
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Akina’s Wash Day

On Saturday night, I was shocked that Akina asked can she wash & style her hair. I was thrilled because we have been talking about this for a while. I have told her numerous times that she needs to start learning how to wash & condition her own hair. She would always give me that look like, “I can’t do hair, and especially not my own”. She has been doing well with re-twisting her hair at night before she goes to bed but never did her whole “WASH DAY”.

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When It Comes to Females Tattooing Their Bodies: What do you consider is too much?

  Last week, I got TATTED UP, once again. The appointment was with Melvin Todd at City of Ink, here in Atlanta. He has tattooed me for a while and felt like it was time to do some more with my shoulder tattoo. I wanted to get stamped with one of his Loveless Society Tattoos. I have 5 different tattoos, but one is a large piece that connects … Continue reading