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Beautiful Saturday

This is the first Saturday that I have spent in the house ALL DAY LONG!!! I am shocked and happy for myself because it was very much needed.  The day has actually been a beautiful day but I didn’t want to get out and enjoy it.  Instead, I was able to clean my house from top to bottom and very thankful of that.  I didn’t get any calls for massages, nobody called me to do anything, and my daughter didn’t have anything scheduled.  YIPPPEEEEE KY YI YAAAAAAAAA!!!!

I was planning on washing my hair this weekend but decided I really didn’t feel like it.  That is the thing about natural hair, it really takes a lot of maintenance and patience to keep up natural hair.  I enjoy it but this weekend, I wasn’t really feeling spending a day doing hair.  Soooooo, I decided to do a Co-Wash… I haven’t deep conditioned since last weekend, but just didn’t feel up to doing that either.

Below are Step by Step instructions on setting my hair.

Step One: CoWashed hair with VO5 Moisture Milk Conditioner, make sure not to apply product to scalp(don’t want to cause buildup) & did a Cool Rinse to get it all out.

 Step Two: Once out of the shower, dried hair by squeezing it with an old t-shirt to get most of the water out.

Step Three: Sectioned hair and braided to let air dry some more for about 30-45 mins.

 Step Four: Un-braided each section, which hair was still damp. Applied Alikay Naturals-Lemongrass Leave-In Conditioner making sure each strand was saturated.  That was done by rubbing hands down the strands gently.

Step Five:  Applied Alikay Naturals-Shea Yogurt Hair Moisture to the ends, making sure my ends were moisturized by the product.

Step Six: After applying product I braided the section back like it was at the beginning

*I did this to each section and ended up with 10 braided sections. Also, I did not detangle my hair with a shower comb, Denman brush or tangle teezer at all because I am trying to not use those tools that often for detangling.  Instead I used my hands to gently detangle and it wasn’t tangled too bad because my hair has been just about all week.

I will keep my hair like this until tomorrow morning.  I will post pictures up to show how it turned out.


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