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Tuck and Roll Mohawk

My daughter decided she was tired of the High Buns, that she always does when it is almost time for her was days.  So she asked me to do something different.  I remembered watching YouTube and seeing a style similar to this what I did but can’t remember who.  I really don’t know how it came to mind but I decided to try it out on her hair.  She loved it and so did I.

Step by step details of how to do this style:

  • Started off by misting water on hair to make it manageable to style
  • Used a Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave-in to smooth the sides down…usually I use gel but didn’t this time because I wanted a little messy
  • Section the front bang off and clamped until later
  • Pulled up the sides and split into three sections. *I did not part because I didn’t want the parts to show on the side.
  • I used two ponytail holders to hold the lower and middle section up and then clamped the top section out of the way
  • With each ponytail I split into 2 sections, one on top of each other
  • The bottom section I rolled under and the top section I rolled up and pinned it to hold
  • Once I got to the top section I rolled under also and pinned
  • The front bang, I rolled towards the front and fluffed it to drop a little in the face and then swooped it around to pin in front of the top roll

And that was the result of the Hairstyle

This was an impromptu style so I am going to try to perfect it so I will be doing a video on the style later.

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